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Divya's Kale Salad



Last winter, when I was recovering from knee surgery and hobbling around, my lovely neighbor, Divya, brought our family this beautiful, fresh, nutrient-packed salad. It has since become a staple in our home and a dish that I often bring to gatherings, including this year's Thanksgiving, where it was a hit on our holiday table. Just the other night, while Blizzard Juno was raging, Divya and her family trudged through the snow, clutching a heaping bowl of her beloved kale salad, for an impromptu dinner at our place. I was reminded, once again, of its deliciousness. It's not bad looking either. Makes for a perfect contribution to any potluck!

Nutrient-Packed Kale Salad

1. In a large salad bowl, mix all salad ingredients -- vegetables, nuts, and cranberries. 2. Separately, whisk together vinegar and salt and pepper, then add flax seed oil. 3. Pour dressing over salad and combine well so that salad is well coated with dressing. Serves 6.

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