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As Restaurant Girl, I'm not sure how Posto flew under my radar. Fortunately, I attended a delightful Culinary Guild of New England cooking class and dinner there recently. Posto’s an incredible pizzeria located deep in the restaurant hotbed of Somerville. The Neapolitan pizza's so authentic they should require a passport. Where to begin? Chef Joe Cassenelli is so committed to his craft that he traveled to Naples, Italy to study with the masters. He returned as the only certified pizzaiolo qualified to create traditional Neopolitan pizza in the US. The pizza is deceptively simple---4 or 5 ingredients---but the quality of the ingredients, preparation, and cooking come together to create a celestial pie. First Posto uses a fine 00 flour and lets the dough enjoy a long, slow rise. There is no rolling pin in sight---the dough is stretched rather than rolled. Next they use San Marzano tomatoes grown in volcanic ash. Fresh mozzarella and chopped tomatoes are sparingly applied. Posto's fiore di latte mozzarella cheese is made fresh everyday. Olive oil and fresh basil provide the finishing touch!

Chef Cassenelli slides the pizza into the oven using a peel. Since the special wood-fired Italian oven runs at 850F, the pizza cooks in 90 seconds!

When removing the pizza, the chef raises the pizza to touch or "kiss" the top of the oven. In addition to pizza, Posto serves antipasti, homemade pastas, salads, appetizers, and desserts. Posto also just launched a Sunday night series special called Sunday Roasts offering a 3 course dinner for only $29.

I plan to check it out on Sunday. If the quality of the pizza is any measure, we're in for even more Neapolitano delights! And don't worry... Authenticity notwithstanding, they all speak English!

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